By | March 5, 2015

During a recent talk in Redmond the presenter used the phrase “treat your Server like cattle, not like Pet!”
which in my mind totaly sums up the whole idea of automation and for example bare metal deployment in this new and cloudy datacenter world.

Looking that phrase up, I found this article below, that I’d want to link here, which basically says the same, including a funny picture of the swedish Muppets chef:

Quoting the article above:
Chef: a server is cattle, not a pet

“We used to think of our servers and operating system as something delicate that we need to look after — this is the model where we consider servers at pets. But the fact is that we now have more flexibility in terms of where we want to deploy workloads — these are just lumps of computing power that we can direct as needed that can be spun up and spun down. This commodity approach means we can start to treat servers like cattle now,” said Chef’s Arbuckle.”

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